Turning Tired Old Brisbane Homes into Modern Abodes

In this series of amazing transformations, we’ll show you how we’ve listened to our client’s frustrations with their existing homes, how we have worked with them to overcome these challenges and what we did to turn their tired old homes into modern abodes.

Our expert team have been adding extreme value to Brisbane homes for over 30 years. Our mission is to create amazing and distinctive spaces in our clients’ existing homes through our belief in delivering the highest standard of finish and exceptional service.

Our Client’s Vision

Our client first approached us to investigate the idea of extending their family home located in one of Brisbane’s western suburbs, Chapel Hill.

Our clients loved living in the area; it was positioned close to their work, local schools, restaurants and eateries. However, they were frustrated with their current home, an early 1990’s two-storey house, which was not large enough for their growing family and there was nowhere to entertain guests when they came over.

More space was their main criteria.

They also wanted to update the front of the home to a more modern look while also creating a space to accommodate their vehicles.

They needed a professional Brisbane builder who was empathetic towards their needs and was willing to be part of their journey and guide them through the process to get the best out of their budget and their vision.

Transforming Our Client’s Home: Planning Begins

Our clients required an Easterly facing outdoor area on the front of their home to entertain their family and friends. This area would also include space underneath to accommodate their family vehicles

The existing house was a custom-built, two-storey home built in the 1990s on a heavily sloping block, which is typical of sites in this suburb. With trees growing in close proximity of the home, the family also wanted to incorporate existing fauna into the renovation design.

After much consideration and logically thinking through the concerns of our clients regarding the existing home’s layout and design, we decided to design a two-storey addition which included a large entertaining area deck. The deck would be positioned beside the existing lounge room and incorporated external stairs under the roof. The stairs would lead down to a carport which would house their vehicles.

What We Did to Achieve It

Considering the challenges that this site presented, we designed a custom-built deck that was positioned beside the current lounge room, using the same existing materials as our base for the specification. This included Spotted Gum decking boards, matching roof pitch and concrete roof tiles.

Our next challenge in the design was to incorporate a carport under the deck. Due to the severe slope of the site, we had to carry out bulk excavation for the new concrete slab so that it could align with the existing driveway. This also created its own issues in that the excavation was in close proximity to the existing house and the depth of the excavation could have undermined the existing home’s foundations.

Engineering played a huge part in this build, not only with the excavation and masonry retaining walls but with the bracing of the deck structure which sat over the retaining walls below. We introduced steel portal framework which was designed and built off-site, transported to the site, craned into position and fully welded into position.

Other concerns the owner raised with us at the design stage of the project, was the poor light entering the house and concerns that the new structure would block what little natural light they had. We changed the design to include adding Skylights into the deck roof and removing existing small windows and replacing them with single lite timber sliding doors.

We also included landscaping into the design to connect the front entry of the home with the new additions and the existing front garden.

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