Brisbane couple, Nhi and Glenn, renovated their family home with Brisbane renovation builder, Constructive Homes…

This is their story…

Why did you decide to renovate your Brisbane family home?

We are Glenn and Nhi and we have 3 children who are teenagers or just close enough. We really decided to renovate and extend our home in order to give us more space as a family and Nhi and I worked for some time to determine how to go about that. Ultimately, through word of mouth, we discovered Wayne at Constructive Homes and when we started talking with him and working with him, we found that he had a lot to offer and made a lot of common sense.

What challenges were you having trying to find a renovation builder in Brisbane?

So, we had a couple of builders give us a quote on the building and the renovation and we found that either it just felt too low, the pricing, or it was too high and some of them didn’t even come back to us and we weren’t sure about the quality of their builds at all and we were going in blind, basically.

What was different about the renovation process followed by Wayne at Constructive Homes?

Wayne was able to firstly, come back a number of times, and be very patient with us as we tried to make the decision to proceed. He broke it down into small, manageable chunks about the process.. step 1, step 2 and so forth; he had a really good package that he shared with us and that gave us the confidence that we could proceed.

We both work fulltime and to find the time to think through the process, we were finding quite difficult, but when Wayne stepped us through how he would work with us, we found that to be much more achievable and it made a lot of sense.

What was your experience with the team at Constructive Homes?

They were great. You could tell they had a high standard of work. They were quite approachable and if I had an issue or a question, they were happy to talk and take the time to talk through what they were doing and if they had an issue, they would come and talk to us; so, high quality, approachable and because of the standard of the tradesmen, it left me with a sense of ease. I wasn’t worried about the quality.

Did you feel informed throughout the renovation?

Wayne set us up on Coconstruct, an interactive website that really schedules it out and helps us communicate, and we found that really valuable because he was able to keep us up to date. He was able to tell us what to think about; what’s coming up. And so, for example, if we had some selections to make, we might know in a week or 2 that a particular job was to occur, such as tiling, and therefore we would go and make our selections in plenty of time so that when the tiler was ready, we had made our selections and everything was ready to go.

How has your family’s lifestyle changed with your new renovation?

It just gives us a lot more space to be able to spread out. Given that we have teenagers, we are able to use the downstairs space as well as go into our rooms upstairs.

And in a way, we wish we had already done this a few years ago. It took us a little while to have the courage to proceed but we’re really glad that we’ve done it now and the only thing I would change was that we should have done it at least a couple of years ago.

What would you tell family and friends about Constructive Homes?

Well, Constructive Homes, we found and Wayne obviously, in particular, leading a great team, have been very reliable and really authentic in the way that they go about interacting with us. What Wayne says will happen, does happen and he follows through and so does his team. That’s one of the greatest concerns I would imagine people have and certainly that we have is the reliability and follow-through and quality of the tradesmen and the build and so that’s one of the great features we found working with Wayne and Constructive Homes.

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