You’ve decided to renovate your Brisbane family home. Should you go to an architect or builder first?

In my 30 years of renovating Brisbane family homes, I’ve seen this scenario a million times before and it still amazes me to hear the same story over and over again…

A few days ago, I received a call from a young Paddington couple who had been working with an architect to design a major home renovation. They had the project priced by two builders and it was $500,000 above this couple’s budget. They told me that neither builder had been involved with the design process. Problem identified right away!

Here are 4 reasons why you should engage a design and construct renovation builder rather than speaking with an architect or designer first. The renovation design process should be a collaborative process between the homeowner, builder and the design team.

Statistics show that 80% of renovation designs never get built if a builder hasn’t been involved with the renovation design process.

4 reasons why you should engage a design and construct renovation builder rather than speaking with an architect or designer first:

1: Your renovation will be designed to the actual build price.

This is not rocket science and involves calculating precise renovation building costs using current trade and product prices at the time. This takes the guesswork out of the project and delivers you actual build costs, ready to be used in a building contract.

Building estimates should be carried out at every stage of the renovation design process: firstly at the concept design stage, then at the preliminary stage and finally, at the construction drawing stage. This guarantees that your budget meets the actual build cost.

2: One company, totally focussed and accountable, for delivering your dream renovation.

It is to your advantage to have one company focussed and accountable for everything: from the cost of the project to how quickly the project can be built and most of all, ensuring that the final design meets your expectations.

When the same company designs and builds your home renovation, there’s more at stake than just a design.

There is more accountability to deliver the project to build stage, so more emphasis and attention is given to every stage of the project, ensuring that your renovation project is delivered on time and defect-free.

3: This collaborative approach puts you in control of the design and can speed up the overall renovation process.

The great thing about this collaborative process is that it operates on the assumption that the client wants to be actively involved in their designs being built. By having the client work collaboratively with the design and construct builder, they retain control over their renovation design.

With everyone working together towards a common goal, your renovation is delivered much quicker, saving you time and money.

4: Collaboration means more frequent and honest communication.

Clients need to be aware of the renovation process and when milestones need to be met. This means that communication needs to be open, frequent and transparent. Great outcomes are achieved, not because people say what people want to hear, but what everyone needs to hear.

It’s through this communication that the budget is declared at an early stage and becomes the benchmark for the entire project.

And finally, watch out for misconceptions about the collaborative design and build process…

We often overhear the misconceptions people have regarding the process. For example…

“I’ll engage an architect and have 3 builders quote on it. That way we’ll receive the cheapest price!”

Wrong! You’ve actually just cost yourself more money and bought a painful experience.

By engaging the design and build process first, you’re going to have the project built to your budget and you will have the expertise of multiple consultants guiding your project through the best design outcomes and offering the most cost-effective ways to build in the shortest period of time.

Make sure your renovation budget aligns with the ACTUAL build cost

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7 Things You Must Know Before Designing Your Extension

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