When it comes to finding a builder, there are a few requirements you may have in mind like ‘must be able to build custom homes’ and ‘must offer attractive modern fittings and surfaces’, but high on your list is probably also price.

Be careful! If you focus too much, or too early, on price you may rule out the best house renovation specialist on offer.

Instead, focus on finding a good builder who uses quality materials and is organised with processes to get your home renovation project built in good time. A builder like this is likely to have fair prices and no nasty surprise extras down the track. It will end up saving you money during the build!

Why can’t a builder be good and cheap and fast?

It’s possible they can, but only if you choose the right builder for your project. I’ll show you why a builder that is too keen to compete on price alone should be ringing alarm bells for you, the home owner!

Price is important, but never forget these three options: GOOD, CHEAP and FAST; they rarely go together when you’re looking for a good custom build.

A cheap builder is almost certainly going to:

(a) Go slow and have little interest in your project, or fail to complete your build altogether.

(b) Or take shortcuts, cut corners and not carry out a quality build.

(c) Or fail to mention significant costs that you’ll be responsible for after the build commences. For example floor coverings, concrete pathways or insulation.

(d) Or not bother to stay on top of their building company’s financial situation.

Your Home Should Last a Lifetime

A home is meant to last a lifetime, yet some builders use methods that simply get them across the line, just so that they can be paid.

Here’s some common traps to watch out for if you choose to concentrate on price alone:

  •  The builder not asking enough questions about your current and projected lifestyle, resulting in inadequate flexibility in the property and home design.
  •  Incorrect positioning of rooms resulting in high energy costs and poor energy efficiency.
  •  Builders failing to be brave enough to correct a client (and prevent them from making a costly mistake in decision-making)
  •  Using incorrect materials for the outdoor kitchen cabinets.
  •  Not supplying Hot Dipped Galvanised steel for external situations.
  •  Poor positioning of downpipes, sewer stacks, air conditioners and hot water systems, resulting in poor street visualisation.

A Good Builder Plans Ahead

Forward planning deserves an entire article of its own, but a cheap builder will barely give it a thought, as it won’t be their problem.

Here are some examples of the kinds of things a good builder thinks about and asks you about:

  •  What should the lighting be like now, and do you think it might change in the future?
  •  Will they need to leave space on the block for access to a pool that might be added in later?
  •  As your family grows, have you thought about where the rooms may be positioned?
  •  Where are you likely to need electrical and data points in the future?

Most of the above points are too late to fix after the home is built. Don’t let this happen to your family.

Hire a Builder Who Will Get it Right the FIRST Time

Talk to Constructive Homes to find out how you can avoid a poor quality build, remember if you thinking that hiring a good builder is expensive wait until you hire a cheap builder and you’ve got to rectify their problems; do it once and do it right!

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