Do you own a pre 1911 to 1945 character home within the Brisbane City Council catchment area? Well listen on to what I’m about to share with you.

Your wanting to create more space to the home and thinking of extending at the rear of the home and does your home currently have a skillion roof form similar to a sleepout roof at the rear ?

In the past Brisbane City Council were fairly open and relaxed in their approach to demolition of the existing fabric [weatherboard cladding etc] at the rear of these homes including the design of the extended floor space and the roof form which, capture within their traditional building overlay. Well lets just say Brisbane City Council have now changed their approach to the approval criteria when it comes to this type of application now, after much noise and complaints from lovers of these homes or constituents that live within these neighbourhoods they have decided to enforce restrictions on these applications which involve demolition of the rear of the home.

Council’s change of heart in regards to this type of approval has been that they’ve had no control over the demolition process during the build and some applicants took advantage of the situation, well no more!

They now require very limited demolition on these applications and look favourably towards a ` Linked Extension ‘ type design limiting demolition and meeting the design criteria as the solution. Fancy our Linked Extension design is the preferred method to overcome these restrictions to the traditional character overlay. A new pod style addition linked to the existing home with very little demolition of the existing fabric.

Famous military commander George. S. Paton once said ` do not make circumstances fit your plans, make plans that fit your circumstances ‘ .

A huge problem if the design hasn’t aligned with the council’s approval process.

Linked Extensions designs deliver the outcomes you so desire, giving you the lifestyle and added space you require.So you can enjoy that added space, entertaining your friends and family sooner rather than wasting time during the design and approval process. 

The Linked Extension design has so many more benefits than what’s been described above around demolition, other huge benefits come during the building process and lower construction cost substantially. Additional benefits include no more removing the existing roof and extending back from the pitching point. Which means no other additional demolition work and rebuilding of walls to accept the extended roof form. No more additional costs incurred with renovation and alterations of the existing home within this extended area of the home. Leaving the pod area of the extension and it’s link to be built new and avoiding any unannounced or surprised additional costs during the building process.

So you can enjoy knowing full well your building application will be stamped Approved and ready to build.

Find out more about how our Linked Extensions can achieve more space in your traditional character home and most of all meet the requirements of the council approval process.

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