Feeling like you need a bit more room but really don’t want to move, for a variety of reasons, leads us to the consideration of home renovation.

There are all of the obvious advantages with a renovation versus a move but there are also quite a few things to take into consideration before you begin. We thought that this would be a great place to outline some of these decisions in a series of blogs – “10 Key PRE Renovation Questions” – providing you with some information and choices to consider along the way.

The more planning that you can do before you renovate, with all of the key participants including your custom home builder, the easier it is to achieve your vision with the least amount of stress.

Question One – What rooms will we renovate?

This seems like a bit of a silly question usually with an obvious answer, but it is one that needs to be discussed in detail before your renovation begins to ensure that everyone is on the same page. The discussion may also lead to some more “what if” questions. What if we move this wall – how does that impact on the rest of your floor plan – what happens to the room on the other side of ‘that’ wall? Are you able to retain some existing rooms and still maintain the ‘flow’ through your home?

How do you plan to use your new space – do you want a private lounge or an open plan family area – we are all different and have different lifestyles so what the designer thinks, may not work for your family. I hate my corner pantry, everyone else raves about it but I dream of a galley kitchen. Are you a serious chef who likes to be alone to create or do you love to cook surrounded by your family with them dipping and stirring? Plan out your new space taking into consideration your existing home and your design decisions, you may be able to retain some of your existing rooms or you may decide to renovate the entire space to achieve your dream.

This is the best time to talk to your custom home builder to take into consideration any structural limitations. Is that wall load bearing? Can you reuse any of the materials from your demolition? Are there any hazards or problems at the site that may impact the project? Planning with your renovation builder from the outset will reduce stress and hassles with issues found halfway through your renovation.

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5 Things You Should Know Before Renovating

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