Brisbane weather – extreme heat one minute, tropical storm the next

Don’t let it affect YOUR renovation. Here’s how…

86% of builders don’t schedule their jobs and builders without a schedule take over 33% longer to complete their jobs.

Your builder is halfway through completing your dream Brisbane custom house renovation. Everything is going well and on schedule when the tail end of ex-Cyclone Debbie hits South East Queensland, leaving behind record-breaking amounts of rainfall. You begin to wonder how the rain will impact your building schedule. Will you be able to move back into your home on the date promised by the builder? And what about the potential damage to the building site caused by the water?

We Guarantee our Building Completion Date

While the team here at Constructive Homes can’t control the weather, we do guarantee our building completion date which allows our clients to plan their moving-back-in date months in advance. Stay tuned and I’ll tell you how this is possible.

Anyone living in Brisbane will tell you that our weather can be unpredictable. Extreme heat and tropical rain events can both force builders and their trades off-site. Even when it does stop raining, slippery mud and puddles of water pose a threat to the safety of workers, especially those working in high-risk activities such as Roofers working at heights.

Our Building Contracts Include Wet Days

At Constructive Homes, we understand the climate we are building in – after all, we have been doing it for 30 years – which is why, as part of our process, we include wet days in our building contracts. Our innovative online project management software allows us to schedule wet days directly into our construction timeline, ensuring that the weather does not impact our allowed construction days. Our online project management software also keeps you up to date on all aspects of your build online 24/7 from your office or from anywhere in the world. As for any potential damage that excessive weather may cause, we’ve got that covered too; we are fully insured with Construction Works Insurance along with Public and Products Liability Insurance, covering you and us in the event that a weather event causes damage.

How Rain Impacts a Building Site

Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty about how rain actually impacts the building site of a custom home renovation.

Firstly, there are building material deliveries. Materials can’t be delivered in the pouring rain, especially materials that void their product warranties – such as plasterboard, timber flooring and cabinetry just to name a few, there’s also disruption to some of the trades as well, for instance, Painting, Brickwork and Waterproofing can’t be applied in wet conditions. And what about the slab? You guessed it… it can’t be poured until the ground is firm enough for the Bobcats and concrete pumps to access the site.

Our Guarantee: On Time, On Budget, Defect Free

Talk to the team here at Constructive Homes so that you can get your custom home renovation underway with the assurance that you are working with a Certified Professional Builder who not only gives you a guaranteed completion date but keeps you informed on all aspects of your build online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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