Have you ever called a builder and been left waiting around for them to return your call? Or worse still they haven’t returned your call at all? Read on to find out how Professional Builders communicate and how they turn clients into friends instantly.

Let’s talk about communication during your renovation – it’s one of the most important factors when choosing your builder.

A custom home renovation can be a very stressful time, but with great communication, it can also become a very exciting time.

It is essential when choosing a builder, to be sure that the builder you choose communicates well with you. If you have any doubt during the inquiry or quoting process, this is the time to re-examine your options.

Remember that the builder that you are currently having difficulties communicating with, will be responsible for communicating your dreams to each person involved, and if that connection is at risk, it is most likely the result will not reflect your wishes.

How to Put Your Builder’s Communication to the Test

Firstly, find out if they have a system in place to manage communications. If there is a clear process or system that manages not only the whole project but all of your communication you will be able to see that communication is organized and not left to chance.

A great project management system will mean that you have access to your project – and your builder – whether you are at home, at work or on the road, making it easier to communicate. You will be able to keep track of all the questions you ask – and the answers – so that there is no frantic search for the ‘lost email’.

What You Should Ask Your Builder Before Signing Anything

Did your builder answer your call or call you back right away? Have you had to follow up the builder for answers to your questions?

If you have concerns about how difficult it is to get hold of your builder before you start, imagine what it will be like when the renovation is underway.

What happens if there is a problem on site?

What happens if you decide to make a change once the renovation has started?

Make sure your builder has a satisfactory answer for these questions and you can agree on the best method to communicate. You need to know how often updates are provided and be confident that you will be able to contact your builder if it’s needed.

Keeping Communication Crystal Clear

Remember that everyone communicates differently. Discuss with your builder where decisions and outcomes are recorded so that you can refer to them at all times. While it is sometimes better to talk about an issue or a choice, either face to face or on the phone, you want to know that it is clearly summarised in writing so there is no confusion.

Most of the stress of renovating a home comes back to communication (or poor communication). By hiring a builder with a comprehensive project management system in place, you can eliminate all of this pressure and enjoy the process.

Professional Builders Have Communication Systems In Place

Talk to Constructive Homes so that you can get your custom renovation underway with the assurance that you are working with a Certified Professional Builder; one who works with the latest innovative software, clearly communicating with you 24/7.

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