Question Eight – what are your storage requirements?

Storage requirements are important to consider at the start of any custom renovation, since it can be difficult (requiring a lot of reconfiguration) and expensive to add storage solutions at the end of a project. In any home, storage is not a luxury, it’s a necessity and without it, the largest of homes can end up looking messy and cluttered.

If you are getting some renovation work done in your home, take the opportunity to plan some smart storage solutions too. Decisions about storage will likely stem from other questions you have to ask yourself, such as, how much stuff do you already have? How much stuff are you planning to buy? And how much stuff are you willing to get rid of? Assess your storage requirements objectively and determine where you need to improve your storage.

The Living Room

Your custom renovation is the perfect time to add those custom built-in shelves. This is a busy, public part of your home so storage must not only work hard but look great! Use your wall spaces and maximise storage by going all the way to the ceiling – giving you lots of space for the practical items as well as room to display all of your treasures. Consider including your entertainment centre in the built-in storage and add electrical outlets where needed. If you have any partition walls, talk to your builder about the possibility of utilising these forgotten spaces for storage with built-in or concealed cupboards.

The Kitchen

With a very small amount of time Googling, you will find an enormous number of innovative and creative kitchen storage solutions. Think about which ideas might work in the kitchen space you are planning and talk to your kitchen designer or cabinet maker at length. You should aim for the most user-friendly space that use every inch in a functional manner.

Some of my favourites are a tea/coffee corner, slide out anything – cabinets, shelves, pantries, pop up power points and pantry drawers. There are so many fantastic ideas I could write forever!

A custom renovation with custom cabinetry means that they will come to your home, measure the dimensions of your kitchen and determine all the sizing for you. This custom measuring job ensures that all of your cabinet ideas will fit into your kitchen perfectly.

The Bathroom

Traditionally one of the smaller spaces that gathers clutter quickly, a home for everything here will help you out immensely. Talk to your builder about adding niches’ in your shower, above your bath or even in your toilet.

Another idea carried over from kitchen design but often underutilised are pull out ‘pantry style’ shelves and appliance drawers for hair dryers and straighteners. These fit into narrower spaces, above or below counters and can make those items used every day much easier to access.

The Bedroom

Whether you envision a Hollywood style dressing room or a simple walk in robe, a poorly designed wardrobe can cost just as much as a well-designed one. To get the most bang for your buck, really look at your existing wardrobe and organise as much of it as you can, grouping clothes of similar size together and creating a tailor made section for them – don’t waste a centimetre! Don’t forget to include some hooks, go for a combination of hangers, shelves, drawers, boxes and bins and think of creative ways to store your shoes – we can never have too many shoes!

Space under the stairs

The area under your stairs can be transformed into anything from a sneaky study to open shelving to a book nook. Often this space is completely closed off with precious storage space wasted. If this area in your home is walled off, consider your renovation the opportunity to open it up and develop it into a clever home storage solution. Get creative – children’s corner, extra toilet or even a cocktail bar might fit.

It’s important to put a lot of thought into the smaller details– some of which you might not have even thought about before. One of my favourite storage spaces was the walk-in linen cupboard created by our designer that stored absolutely everything from the kid’s sports equipment to fancy dress Mexican sombreros, as well as the sheets and towels!

Custom renovation decisions are not easy, at first. Contact Constructive Homes to discuss your family needs and your storage issues so that you can be sure your home building budget will go toward the things that are worthwhile to you and best for both your house and your lifestyle. We will help you create spaces that are perfectly-planned and ones that look good too.

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