From a Builders point of view the roof would have to be one of the first things a Builder notices when he arrives at an address.

So the right roof type for your home is one of the most important decisions you’ll need to make whether your renovating your existing home or building a new home.

Most building plans can be configured to incorporate any roof style and any roofing material. What roofing material to select would have to be one of the most asked questions when at the design stage of your project. When renovating the roofing material to select can be an easy decision, as the obvious choice would be to simply use the same material that is currently used on the original roof at present. However, a new roofing material could be introduced as this will depend on the roof framing structure and whether it can structurally support the new material type. The design of the roof affects the type of material being selected, not all framing structures are suitable for all roofing material types.

Roof pitches are another consideration when selecting roofing materials, not all roofing materials are suitable for all roof pitches. Some roofing materials require greater roof pitches.

Metal Roofing can be installed with a roof pitch as low as 1 degree, however corrugated roof sheeting must be installed at a 5-degree roof pitch. In Queensland, metal roofing is predominately corrugated roof sheeting mainly due to the type of architecture and construction we have here. Corrugated roofing is supplied generally in the following Zincealume, Galvanised and Colorbond. If using metal roof sheeting the roof framing which supports the sheeting can be built using a lite timber frame, as timber members can be positioned further apart, generally between 900mm centres and 1200mm centres for rafter/truss centre positions.

Concrete Roof Tiles are another commonly used roofing material fitted to Queensland homes. When using concrete roof tiles the roof framing structure needs to be supported more due to the increased weight factors associated with roof tiles. This means that the roof framing members have to be installed closer together to support the increased roof loads. Roof rafters/trusses are generally positioned at 600mm centres.

In conclusion, these are the most common roofing materials used in Queensland, our advice to clients when selecting your roof design and roofing material type would also consider other factors also like energy efficiency and aspect position of the dwelling on the site.

So when considering your next roof regardless of whether you’re renovating your existing home or building a new home, we can give you the advice you require and help you achieve the best results from your home at the lowest possible price.

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