Are you worried about your deck collapsing?

Think of all our beautiful old Queenslander homes – sweeping decks and verandas, perfect for celebrations, gatherings and parties, especially in the summer months.

If your deck were to fail, someone could get seriously hurt or killed, and it could cost you a lot of money – not only to repair the deck but  also in legal and medical fees.

Today I’ll share with you some simple tips to keep your balconies and decks safe, sturdy, and party-worthy.

Why do decks fail in Brisbane?

Studies have shown there are four major factors contributing to the failure of decks, balconies and verandas:

1) the structural integrity is compromised

2) this failure remains unchecked

3) the deck is placed under loads exceeding its recommended capacity

4) the attachment to the existing house becomes unsecured.

These would be the most common issues I see regularly as I frequent home across Brisbane from suburb to suburb, however, Constructive Homes can help you beat all four.

How to protect your family and friends by keeping your decks strong and safe

Timber balconies can be subject to insect attack or moisture, which can lead to decay. Unlike weathering, which is mainly an aesthetic problem, these are serious structural faults that should be seen by a professional.

In Queensland, timber floor joists (that’s the member that the decking is fixed to) are susceptible to dry rot… so we at Constructive Homes now protect floor joists with Joist Protectadeck. This is a high grade, flexible PVC that protects joists from severe rotting, and effectively seals around nails beneath decks. Able to be installed easily and with minimum fuss, Joist Protectadeck is an affordable solution that ensures maximum life and durability of your deck all year round, providing benefits for both hardwoods and treated timbers – and it’s UV stabilized for the harsh Australian conditions.

This will keep your decks strong and safe.

What about termites…?

You should also have a termite management system in place, whether chemical or physical.

Discoloured or blistered paint or a build-up of sawdust-type material around posts are tell-tale signs that there is already a problem.

Keeping your precious little ones safe

Bear in mind that some deck-related injuries occur when unsupervised children climb balustrades and fall.

Any renovation including railings, gaps, and support posts should keep little people and their safety in mind. You don’t want to take any chances when it comes to your child’s safety.

How many people can you safely have on your deck?

Constructive Homes can make sure your deck complies with industry standards, check for any compromise and let you know its load capacity. This can be a long and complicated process if you’re going it alone on your Queenslander deck renovation. If in doubt, avoid the area and call in the professionals, lives could be at risk.

Constructive Homes, Brisbane’s Custom Home Renovation Specialist, has you covered.

At Constructive Homes, our mission is to transform the living spaces of people’s homes through outstanding design and renovation practices, delivering on time and defect free.

We custom design and build stunning renovations that suit your individuality and lifestyle.

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