What is a Professional Builder and what does it means to us – it’s not a title given to every builder in the market place.

Are you aware that statistics show us that a considerable amount of home building companies are in business for less than 4 years? That doesn’t give you much confidence if you’re considering building any time soon.

The building industry gets bad press from time to time, and recent company collapses bring the industry under the spotlight again. The collapse of a building company, not only affects the consumer whose house is partially built but also the sub-contractors and suppliers, who aren’t going to be paid for their services and supplies, potentially putting their own businesses at risk. Remember a majority of these are generally small family businesses.

So what’s the solution?

It’s absolutely crucial to carry out research on your builder before you start on your next home renovation.

When starting the process of selecting renovation builders you shouldn’t just settle for the one with the cheapest price, I’ve seen this result on many occasions. Your home is your castle and the largest investment in your life. You need to select a specialist whose experience in this field of work gives you comfort knowing you’ve selected the best, as you want to ensure the renovation is completed at the highest quality. So this leaves out selecting the builder who claims he builds everything.

A Specialist

You need a Professional Builder who specialises in this type of building, you need a builder that only focuses on custom home renovations.

To hand this type of specialist work over to a new home builder will be the biggest mistake you could make. It requires you to carry out thorough research to select the type of specialist you’re looking for. You need a builder with an outstanding record at completing custom home renovations. When doing your research look for a builder who can show you a list of happy clients and furthermore visit some of their jobs. Look at the attention to detail the builder has delivered to their clients. It’s also vitally important the builder is passionate about their work.

So when you hear the horror stories about builders, generally the problem can be tracked right back to the builder selected for the job. Unfortunately, it’s too late at this stage and the owner is left disappointed.

Professional Systems and Processes

Your custom home renovation will be the second biggest purchase apart from buying the home. So engaging the right home renovation builder is essential to the success of the project. A professional builder has spent a long time implementing systems and procedures to deliver the very best product any home owner would be proud to accept. Great ethic’s and trust are other important attributes to look for. All relationships are built on trust, so you need to be confident your builder can show you their proven processes to complete a successful build, on time and on budget.

Select a builder who has procedures in place to openly communicate 24/7, avoiding any misunderstandings and have them show you how their system works. This system should be readily accessible any time during the day or night and clearly outline all specifications, variations, budget and time schedules on the job, giving you peace of mind that everything is running smoothly. Professional Builders with these types of systems in place have the expertise to deliver you a fixed price for your renovation guaranteeing no hidden surprises along the way.

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