How do you find a professional builder you can trust?

There’s a perceived issue with the quality of Brisbane builders, and whether or not it is deserved, it pays to choose your builder wisely. Every year there are over four thousand complaints lodged with the Queensland Building and Construction Commission. To protect your family’s interests you need to ask the right questions of any prospective building or renovation contractor.

Today I’ll share with you how to choose wisely in Brisbane’s home renovation industry.

Is it Hard to Find Quality Builders in Brisbane?

I’m just going to come right out and say it – there is a perception in the community that many Brisbane builders have a less than stellar reputation.

I was chatting with a guy who is looking to do a major renovation in Brisbane and he reminded me of these concerns:

  1. Lack of Experience
  2. Poor Communication
  3. Project Management

This is the trifecta of failure in home renovations and new home construction. If you’re unlucky enough to settle for a builder with all three of these deficits, you are the one who is going to suffer. Unfortunately, these three deficits often go together.

Concern 1: Lack of Experience

I’ve heard the claim that the majority of builders are young and don’t have the trade skills and experience to undertake large renovation projects.

Let’s face it, working on a home is not easy work and it’s natural that strong young backs are going to do the heavy lifting. But think back to the days of the master builders when cathedrals and towns were built brick by brick. There was always an experienced person at the top directing the work.

A sure sign of a problem in a modern building company is a team that appears to be run by somebody without a lot of life experience. Don’t get me wrong – young blokes can have valid experience, but do your research and ask lots of questions to ensure they aren’t all talk.

Here’s some research advice:

  1. Try to meet with the owner or manager, and find out how long they’ve been building or renovating houses in Brisbane.
  2. Always deal with a certified professional builder. You can find out about the shonky operators on the QBCC website and blog.
  3. Ask to see the builder’s portfolio, photos and evidence of similar work to what you want to be done.
  4. Ask to speak to their bank manager or accountant for financial reassurance.

Concern 2: Poor Communication

Another problem many homeowners encounter with their choice of builder is very poor communication.

The skill of interacting with clients is as important as the various skills involved in building or renovating the house. This is where conflict and confusion can arise – simply from a lack of communication skills in your builder or their staff. Some builders have a sense of arrogance about them and continually fight with their clients, but this really comes down to lack of verbal and written communication. A good builder confirms everything in writing and takes any disputes immediately to a face to face or phone call resolution.

Concern 3: Project Management

Regardless of experience or communication skills, the ability to manage a construction project is critical. A builder whose project management skills are lacking will inevitably cause delays in the schedule and run over on resources.

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