Do you ever look around your house and feel a bit trapped?

Stuck in the same-old same-old? Wish you could change things up with the click of a button? Know you need a change, but not what to change?

This article will give you ten reasons to renovate and fall in love with your home all over again.

Sure, we all know that renovations can add value to your property in preparation for selling it, or to command higher rent from your tenants, but what about renovations that make YOU love your home even more than you already do? Here are some of the ways a renovation will do so:

1. Health and Wellbeing

Your home is somewhere you deserve to feel inspired, comfortable and uplifted. Modern building practices may never have been factored in to your current home, and there are tonnes of things you can do to make it better for your family’s health and wellbeing. Remove that old thread worn carpet and polish those timber floors with a Water Based Coating. Renovate the back-yard and garden spaces and spend more time outdoors. We all know how good vitamin D from pure sunlight is!

2. Gain Space

It goes without saying that adding rooms or storeys to your home will increase space for your growing family. However, something as simple as closing off a room that has too many doors can add a new dimension to your home as well.

3. Increase Functionality

Your family’s needs change over time – so should your home. You can add study nooks, add a walk-in wardrobe to your bedroom, convert a laundry into a second bathroom or better network cabling to make use of that fibre-to-the-home NBN – fingers crossed you’re getting that in your area!

4. Restoration

Fixing damaged or deteriorated features around your home minimizes maintenance costs over time. In other words, it has to be done sooner or later.

5. Aesthetics

There’s no doubt about it. Making things look better is one of the key reasons to renovate. Having every aspect of your home and interior design set-up just right makes it easy on the eyes, helping you to relax and de-stress after a busy day.

6. No need to move

Wouldn’t you love to avoid the upheaval and cost of moving? There’s so much potential in just about every home. Renovating is usually less costly than selling and moving and buying again.

7. Eco

Become more environmentally-friendly by installing solar panels, water-saving shower heads, LED lights or installing a solar hot water system – remember your tired old hot water system consumes 30% of your energy bill!

8. Dream-home

Create your dream-home right where you are. If there’s something you’ve seen in a magazine or TV show recently, and wished you could have in your home, why not give it a try?

9. De-clutter, De-stress

Sure, you can move things in and out of rooms, change the furniture around, organise wardrobes and shelves. But there’s nothing like a renovation to truly get to the foundation of your untidy house problem.

10. Keeping up Appearances

It had to be on the list somewhere. Let’s face it, nobody wants to be in the ugliest home in the street. Renovating and cleaning up the exterior and front of your property makes a good impression, not to mention street appeal sells homes.

Are you ready to improve your family’s lifestyle?

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