Are you concerned about who owns the copyright for the design of your house renovations?

When home concepts and designs are created by your building company in-house you will have no choice but to stick with that builder. If you try to go elsewhere with the plans for your home, you may think you’ll be able to get a better deal elsewhere with your designs in hand. You helped design the home after all. You paid for them. Aren’t they yours?

No, they are not. Worse still, you and your new builder could get sued by the original owner of the design plan for infringing their copyright. I’m here to show you how to avoid this scenario and avoid litigation.

We think having the design and building of your home taken care of by the same business is a great idea, but it may be best for you if the home is designed and owned by the Building Designer, not the builder. I’ll show you why.

What is Copyright? How it Impacts Your Renovation

Once a builder, designer or architect has drawn up a new set of plans for a home, they are intellectual property. You’ve heard of copyright? Copyright protects a unique expression of an idea, not the idea itself. Customised designs, for your new home, are protected by copyright under Australian law, just like a painting, novel or movie is protected.

The idea for a movie is not protected. Likewise, the idea to put a study nook outside every bedroom, each within eyesight of open living space, cannot be protected. A film producer can’t just change a certain percentage of a movie and claim the new version of it as their own without infringing copyright. It is still noticeably ripping off that original work.

Transforming Homes through Outstanding Renovation Practices, On Time and Defect Free

Our mission is to transform the living spaces of people’s homes through outstanding renovation practices, delivering on time and defect free. Whether we’re extending a home or building a renovation, we will arrange, high-quality designs from one of our highly trusted Building Designers. The copyright belongs to them, not to us. And while we hope you’ll enjoy the process enough to stay with us, there won’t be a risk to you if you decide to press on without us, however with the permission of the designer.

Why do we offer such outstanding flexibility?

You know the saying ‘If you set it free, it will come back to you’? We aren’t looking to stand over our clients with a big metal stick. We are so confident in the quality of our service and our offerings that we don’t hold the copyright for your home design. The Architects and Building Designers we work with will own it.

Know Your Builder’s Design Process

When sourcing a builder, ask questions about the design process. Who will own the copyright of the Designs to your home renovation? Read the Preliminary Agreement carefully. Make sure it is going to suit your needs.

To avoid Copyright litigation on your designs for your home renovations, work with our Design team at Constructive Homes.

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