Kitchen Design Ideas

The kitchen is one of the most frequently renovated rooms and is often called the heart of the home, so these can also be some of the most emotional decisions. To ensure that your newly renovated kitchen looks and performs at its best we have found some food for thought.

Kitchen Bench-tops

If you’re renovating your kitchen or bathroom, ask yourself what bench-top material best suits your style.

Do you like engineered quartz, which is a man-made material? Or do you prefer granite, which is a durable stone that can be graphic and beautiful? Have you considered a butcher’s block, which adds warmth and interest? Or perhaps marble, which is classic and always in style, but requires a lot of maintenance.

The type of stone, composite stone or other material you select can set the tone for your entire kitchen or bathroom remodel, so make sure to familiarise yourself with all the options.

Thin bench-tops have made a strong comeback with renovators moving away from the 40mm/60mm thickness and opting for the slimmer bench-top. Thinner bench-tops are subtle, offering clean lines and don’t overpower the kitchen design. But don’t get us wrong. You can still make a statement with your kitchen bench-top with so many colours, patterns and materials that are available to choose from.

Kitchen Cabinets

The right kitchen cabinetry can make or break your kitchen’s functionality and style.

Do you like the look of clean slab doors, glass doors, Shaker-style doors or French-style doors, just to name a few? Go beyond the standard swinging door in your new kitchen. Flip-up doors, pocket doors, and corner drawers can make your cabinets more functional and your life easier.

The key to a great kitchen is often great storage so also consider the most creative options as you can get very clever with kitchen cabinets and drawers today.

Can’t decide between two different styles? Mix and match — two different cabinet styles can make an even bigger impact.

Kitchen Splashbacks

Glass is one of the most popular choices when it comes to a splashback. Paint is applied to the back of the glass, leaving the colour well protected and the surface smooth and shiny. With no grouting required, the glass is easily wiped clean of kitchen grease. With so many colour choices on offer, it’s a great way to introduce colour and to find the perfect match for your kitchen!

Tiles can be a more budget-friendly option than glass. No longer are you stuck with plain square tiles either, with more and more shapes available every day. Tiles can be made to imitate natural materials like wood, concrete and marble, meaning it is easier than ever to create a look you love. While often cheaper, tiles do have the drawback of grout, which can become difficult to clean.

If your kitchen looks out to your garden, why not make the most of it and install a window instead of a splashback? A window will allow plenty of natural light to enter your home, create a feeling of openness and bring the outside in.

Butler’s Pantry

A Butler’s Pantry is perfect for those who love to entertain but hate all the chaos left in your kitchen. Basically a kitchen within the kitchen, it allows you to do your food preparation and clean up after meals without messing up your kitchen – the one that your guests see.

It’s actually much easier than you might think to put together a butler’s pantry for your own home. The key is to make sure that it is hidden away; much like a regular pantry is, only larger. Bi-fold or sliding doors are absolutely perfect for this purpose. Add benchtops to allow you to serve up food and do all your food preparation. Because you don’t see the benchtops, you can use a cheaper material to save on costs, such as laminate.

Of course, you’ll need to include storage for your appliances, crockery and other various items and shelving can be more easily accessible and economical than cupboards are. As well, you can add things such as appliances, dishwashers, sinks, and so on.

One thing you should be careful not to forget is the lighting. Usually there are no windows in a butler’s pantry and a single overhead light is often not enough. Make sure that your work surfaces are well illuminated.

Kitchen Appliances

Gas or electric, commercial or standard, high-tech or manual, single oven or double? Appliances can be some of the most expensive purchases in a renovation, so you want to ensure you make the right selection that meets your needs and desires.

With so much information available and so many new ideas, don’t get overwhelmed. Contact Constructive Homes so that we can work with you and our kitchen designer to find the best for both your house and your lifestyle. We will help you create spaces that are perfectly-planned and ones that look good too.

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