You’ve probably noticed since Covid 19 begun, the cost of renovating has risen dramatically with building materials either hard to source or risen in price dramatically and not to mention the cost of labour, I’m probably not giving away too many secrets here that you haven’t already heard.

Of course, you could sell your home and avoid renovating all together however with limited listings available in your suburb, what are the options?

Hello and welcome to Constructive Homes. My name is Wayne Whyte and I’m the company director and builder. Today I’d like to share with you how you can increase the size of your Brisbane family home and also give you the keys to saving your family budget when it comes to extending the family home. By listening to what I have to say, you may just become forewarned and forearmed to solve your situation!

Have you considered a pod style designed extension to the rear of your home , we call these Linked Extensions and these can save our clients anywhere up to 20% in particular designs and offer beyond a 8 Star Energy Rating, this is achieved by using our very own Cladular Panel, these are just a few of the benefits our clients are achieving.

We have a solution that is unconventional and may just surprise you. It involves building a small pod (or pavilion) onto the back of your existing Brisbane family home. The pod is linked with a roofed passage-way and can accommodate any family member or relative wanting to move in. We call these pods ‘Linked Extensions’. By using our modular Cladular Panels we save huge amounts of time on site and don’t have any of the timber framing supply problems other builders have. Did I also mention we can also avoid the delays in with roof trusses as well, we use modular panels for the roof as well and avoid all timber framing in the roof.

Brisbane families who have already built one of our ‘Linked Extensions’ enjoy comfortable-living with their extended family. They are all under one roof, but everyone has their own space and privacy. Having the pod attached to the home keeps the family connected and avoids the feelings of isolation that you may get with a ‘granny flat’.

How can you ensure that using one of our ‘Linked Extensions’ range can meet the needs of a functioning multigenerational household or growing family?

By using our range of ‘Linked Extensions’. You want your family to be comfortable, not to mention the opportunity to uncover the hidden wealth in your home!

When building an attached suite, like a parent’s or grandparent’s retreat, it is a good idea to build a separate entrance, just in case you choose to lease this space out in the future. After all, everyone will need their privacy.

Why not work with a builder who finds the solutions and avoids building like we did in the past!

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Why Your Renovation Cost is More Than You Expected

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