Our Blog Series discussing the questions that you need to ask BEFORE your renovation continues with the next decision for consideration.

Question Two – How much can you really afford to spend?

This is a crucial decision in your renovation and definitely one to make at planning stage! It’s vital to include your custom home builder as early as possible to ensure that the dream designs you have are actually within your budget. Avoid the heartbreak of reducing your plan by having a cost estimate completed on your Concept Drawings. The Constructive Homes process works very closely with designers to align vision and budget.

Sometimes tackling the whole house is unavoidable as it just makes sense to bring everything up to the current standard. Your builder, specialising in home renovations, can help you to complete your renovation in the most cost-effective way. Get your builder to complete an on-site consultation to meet with you to discuss your grand vision as well as assess the existing structures and offer sound advice to suit your situation.

Have you included all of the ‘other’ expenses? Consultant fees? Accommodation if you have to move out? Appliances? Window coverings? You need to let both your custom home builder and your designer know if the budget you have given them includes these expenses or if you have made separate allowance for these costs.

All Building Proposals prepared by Constructive Homes contain not only a comprehensive list of what is included in the budget – we also list the items that are not included. It’s important to know where you will have any additional expenses and take these into consideration.

Contact Constructive Homes now so that we can help you turn your renovation vision into renovation reality with your budget in mind.

5 Things You Should Know Before Renovating

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