Stump Maintenance is Important

If you live in a older style home in Brisbane there’s a good chance your home is supported on timber, steel or concrete stumps.

With this mind it’s a good idea to check the condition of your stumps on a regular basis. Your stumps are your foundations, the great part about this type of construction is the access to the stumps are generally easy to get at when it’s time to maintain them. Maintenance of stumps are like any other area around the home they require your attention from time to time, consider how distressing it would be if your floor subsided due to the deterioration or collapse of your stumps. And even more upsetting if you’d recently renovated a new bathroom or kitchen which was being supported by these stumps.

How to Check your Stumps

Inspect the condition of your stumps and ascertain what level of deterioration has occurred and decide whether you’re going to repair the situation or replace.

The climate around Brisbane is sub-tropical and this can cause problems indirectly towards the deterioration of stumps. A good way to know whether you have problems with your stumps can be the fact the floor feels out of level as you walk across it or if your doors and windows start jamming up and are inoperable. An easy way to see whether your stumps have deteriorated is to dig the soil around the perimeter of the stump and check and see the condition of the stump below the ground. If the stump is steel brush off any rust with a wire brush and paint on a bitumen base protective paint to protect the stump from further attack from moisture below the ground level, if the stump is timber see whether the stump hasn’t been attacked by white ants or the like, keep in mind if you do come across white ants it’s good sense to contact a licensed pest specialist and have them treat the suspected area.

Stump Options

If it’s decided that you need to replace stumps because they’ve deteriorated keep in mind you don’t have to replace the stump with the same type of material.

Now if there are a majority of stumps effected and need replacing, it might be a good time to consider raising or lifting your house, especially if space is a consideration. If you do decide to replace your stumps you may also consider replacing them with steel columns. Also if your considering raising your home to add an additional floor level to your home and have decided to have a concrete floor slab laid as your flooring substrate, keep in mind that fully welded steel columns are compliant with AS3600 for termite resistance. Other types of stump material types ie, Timber & Concrete don’t have resistance against attack from termites.

Use an Experienced Contractor

If you do decide to Raise, Slide, Lift and Restump your home, then it’s important to consider using an experienced contractor with over 30 years of experience, consider contacting Constructive Homes. We can help you with the complete process from concept to completion including all applications and approvals to complete the project. So if you think you’re considering raising your home, then why not contact my office ph 3077 7294, so we can assist to help you achieve your desired outcome.

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