Ok so it’s time to renovate that tired home of yours and you’re not sure about the design and what should be done to solve your problems.

Firstly homes in Brisbane are the older style homes either built in the 30’s & 40’s or the more modern home from the 60’s & 70’s were designed with closed-off areas or divided into precincts. These areas consisted of rooms which closed off other serviced areas of the house, also these designs closed off air movement within the home which caused energy efficiency to fail. The entertaining rooms of the house also were formal areas and separated other members of the house from each other.

As we moved into the future we realised our family areas of the home needed to be more inviting to our guests. A lot of space was used in areas we didn’t always use at times and other rooms we take for granted now were nonexistent back then, for instance, built-in wardrobes and ensuites. Of course homes back in this era were generally smaller in floor area, however, seemed to have these enormous hallways that used up so much wasted space that could have been utilised better.

Our modern sophisticated lifestyles have outgrown these crowded matchboxes and our needs are very different from this bygone era. Lifestyles today require open living, large open spaces and informal areas. We want to entertain our guests in a private alfresco area. Outdoor areas today also incorporate the indoor spaces. We also like outdoor kitchens to be built-in to the outdoor area, these areas also are required to be private and informal. We personalise these areas by installing TVs and ceiling fans.

Bedrooms are larger with built-in wardrobes and master bedrooms have walk-in wardrobes attached to enormous ensuites. Living areas in the modern home are very open and interconnected with the remainder of the home. Today’s homes must be user-friendly with our busy lifestyles and must also include areas to use our technology devices. Our homes also need to accommodate all our additional goods and appliances that seem to clutter our lives today.

With all of these needs and wants that we’ve included in our lives today, you may ask how can we design a home that suits our busy lifestyle today. Renovating existing homes to incorporate all of this means we need to extend the house either on the same level or include an additional level or we can raise and build-in an additional level on the ground. Alternatively, we can remove the roof and add an additional level. Internally we can remove some walls and support the roof to incorporate the open plan living we desire today.

Of course, we can add that entertaining area and connect it to the landscaped garden if we so desire. All of these scenarios have been carried out by our very experienced team at Constructive Homes over the years.

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