Interview with Wayne Whyte, Director and Builder at Constructive Homes

Karah: Today I’m chatting with Wayne about how to get the best start on your family’s renovation project.

Wayne, let’s jump straight in – I constantly hear from people that are starting out on renovations or extensions to their home and the big question is: Where to start?

Wayne: First you need to know what exactly your problem is with your home, is it space? Or is it the design flow of the home. For instance are you going to extend the house, lift the house up and build under or just carry out some minor alterations.

Firstly, we like to find out what problem the home owner has and start investigating the solutions from there – needs and wants.

Sometimes the answer isn’t glaring at you in the face and you must dig a bit deeper with the home owner before you know where to begin.

Karah: Now that we know what type of renovation work we are going to do, who should people contact first?

Wayne: My professional advice who be to find a design and construct building company that specialises in custom home renovations. I’d look for one that is very established in the industry and has a proven track record, with strong guarantees and a long list of happy clients from previous projects completed, which includes have a strong social media presence.

A company that has a project management system in place to show the client how they can build on time and to a budget.

I’d avoid at all costs to go direct to building designers/architects mainly due to the fact these types of consultants don’t have a good control process in place over building costs and this will always kill the project, right from the start.

Karah: Where do I get ideas for the renovation?

Wayne: I must say, over the years I continually have homeowners who spend a great deal of time trying to design their renovations before we arrive. In fact, the best place to resolve these frustrations is during the design process, once the design is on paper you generally resolve any of these issues.

Karah: What do Home Owners look for to make sure their renovations get built on time and defect free?

Wayne: Once again select a renovation specialist that has a proven track record for delivering projects on time and defect free. Select one that can show you their project management system which actually shows you when each trade has completed their stage. Select a builder that has strong guarantees around completing on time and have strong liquidated damages clauses in the contact.

Karah: How do I know how much the renovation will cost, without over capitalizing

Wayne: Consult a specialist in custom home renovations. One that has project management system which breaks down costs on individual selections and specifications.

Select a builder who has a handle on what renovation types can be carried out from suburb to suburb around Brisbane.

I can guarantee you that not all suburbs can absorb renovations before they overcapitalise the property which them leads to financial failure from the bank.

Karah: Thanks for your time and insights today, Wayne and I look forward to chatting with you more about the renovation industry in the future.

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