One of the more emotional stages of your renovation is the defects list at Handover Stage.

You’ve spent the time in the early stages of the renovation process selecting the highest quality materials to use and you’re waiting in anticipation not only to move back in but to appreciate your new home and its finer finishes.

You expect it to last a lifetime and are excited about spending the coming years there. However, if you don’t choose a quality renovation builder, you might be disappointed when you move back in. It won’t take long to notice defects within the house and more over the years. If you didn’t take the time to choose the builder wisely then statistics show your home will require more repairs than those who did! There’s nothing worse than a house that’s poorly finished.

So how can this be avoided?

Your builder’s going to be keen to hand over your home and collect the final payment. Here’s your opportunity to have some control over the quality and to thoroughly inspect your future home making sure everything is exactly as it should be. Your contract should spell out the handover process and your builder should serve notice when this stage reaches what’s known as Practical Completion.

Most people at this stage of the build go it alone with a sharp eye and a camera and a packet of red-dot stickers – however, we don’t recommend this process to our clients, we arrange for a professional building consultant who specialises in pre-handover inspections. You’re not to know what the contract documents include and what acceptable building practices are, including the Australian Standards that are required of the builder.

Independent Consultation

We include our clients in the process and we have them walk around with the consultant and point out concerns they have at the time. We find this valuable in the sense that the Consultant will give an independent analysis and opinion about the perceived problem. Remember, a pre-handover inspection is significantly different to the mandatory Final Inspection carried out by a Building Certifier. Your Building Certifier ensures that construction complies with the National Construction Code and state Building Regulations Act making sure everything is built as approved, ensuring the building is technically `Habitable’.

By having the Building Consultant carry out this report, it becomes independent and disconnected from the Builder. It gives the client peace of mind their home will be handed over defect free on Handover Day!

Why not talk to Constructive Homes so that you can get your custom renovation underway with the assurance that your renovation will be completely defect free – guaranteed!

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