What are SIPs?

SIPs, or Structural Insulated Panels, are a modular panel that is built in the factory to be used as wall and roof panels.

Panels used for walls consist of a 90mm EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) core and are bonded on the outside and inside of the panel with fibre cement sheeting. The panels are then installed between timber framing to form the walls of the home.

There’s no restriction on the type of fibre cement sheeting that can be used on the outer skin of the panel, meaning that you can use a flat sheet and paint it, a base sheet and render it, or a textured sheet; it’s all up to your design flair.

Less Waste, Means More Savings

The panels are fabricated off-site in a factory to suit your design, so wastage is kept to a minimum. Less wastage and offcuts on-site means less rubbish skip-bin hire, saving you money.

The panels are also lightweight as the polystyrene is 98% air, which means less money spent on foundations, delivery costs to site are less and the speed of installation is quicker as well.

The panels themselves are more expensive than a standard stud wall construction, however, the speed of installation and the fact that your wall arrives on-site already sheeted inside and out, has many benefits including reduced scaffolding hire costs. Builders fixed costs are also less because the build time is reduced.

A More Comfortable Home (that costs less to cool/heat)

The biggest advantage of building with SIPs is the energy efficiency advantages to your home over a standard timber-framed wall.

Wall panels have an R-value of R2.7 which far exceeds the current 6 Star energy rating required for new homes. The other great energy efficiency advantage of using SIPs is how airtight the home becomes and guarantees a more thermally comfortable home.

No more cold rooms in winter or hot rooms in summer.

Why Aren’t Builders Using SIPs?

Building with SIPS has so many advantages over standard construction. So why aren’t builders using this product? Sadly, most builders aren’t open to change and fear the unknown.

However, at Constructive Homes, we’re using this innovative product in our new Linked Extensions™️ range and we are getting very positive feedback from our clients.

The huge savings on energy costs alone are enough to cast any doubt in your mind about the use Structural Insulated Panels.

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