Capitalise on your Existing Design

Before thinking of adding additional floor area to your house and extending the existing floor plan, have you considered altering the existing layout of your home?

By working within the structure of the existing house, whilst it may cost money you’ll find it’s less expensive than adding floor area to the home. We’re finding as Builders more and more clients budgets don’t stretch to the lengths they used to so we compromise with the client and advise them of the options of altering sections of the home to capitalise on the strengths of the existing design. In most cases it doesn’t take much, maybe a wall removed here and presto you’ve gained some additional floor area you once didn’t have.

Costs of home renovations can easily be over budget if you don’t take into account hidden costs that are generally required to achieve the end result, including demolition or extending original roof framing. Working with the building envelope of the existing house has its merits, no additional floor area required to be built and this may include concrete foundation and slab. By carrying out small alterations you may also find you may not require more complex structural engineering design.

Extra Room without Extending the Floor Area

So when you are planning your next major renovation and your budget is starting to get stretched consider making alterations to the existing home and that way you may find you’ve gained some extra room or the house is more functional without having to shell out for the cost of extending the floor area. In older style homes a good area to consider is reducing hallway space or maybe making openings in walls or repositioning walls.

I recently carried out a Bathroom renovation and the client was complaining about her small bathroom and how she’d like a bigger floor area, so I asked her “What room is positioned beside the bathroom?” I advised her to demolish the dividing wall separating her Bathroom from the Dining Room and reposition this wall 600mm into the Dining Room floor area. My advice was actioned and now the family enjoys a spacious bathroom experience every time they visit the room.

Think about alterations next time you consider renovations to your home, even better give us a call next time you’re considering your next project and we’ll show you how – Constructive Homes – call us on 3077 7294.

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