Question Six – What’s your colour preference?

Your custom renovation planning is moving to the more detailed decisions as this month we discuss colour choices. With the enormous range of colours and styles available it can seem like an overwhelming task to choose paint colours.

Colour can have such an important impact on how you and your home feel that it’s worth spending time before your renovation begins to think about the colours. It can make the area feel cool and energetic, spacious or cozy. Colour reflects who we are and who we aspire to be. It’s expressive, fun, creative,
complimentary and always conversational.


To find the perfect colour for your new space, begin by sourcing inspiration. There are so many places to find great ideas – Real estate images, display homes or just driving around your favourite neighbourhood. Any time that you see an image or home that catches your eye, take note of the paint colours used and begin to develop a portfolio so that you start to see the similarities.

Feel confident

The first step to taking the plunge into the pool of colour is to feel confident in your selection. While painting is a quick, easy and cost-effective way of updating a room – it’s not permanent and you can inject a bit of personality into your space with the right hue. Most of us though still love using neutral colours throughout our homes. Neutrals are great because if gives you more freedom when it comes to changing the overall look and feel of a room.


Selecting the perfect colour palette for your home is a process. We always suggest getting three colours or less and testing them on an A4 card rather than just straight on the wall. This is so you can move the card to different walls in the room and test how it looks in the room depending on where it is positioned. Before making your decision, live with it for a week to see how the mood of the paint changes in different light. This is where it’s easier to complete this process before your renovation begins! Once you’re happy with your short list of colours, paint two at a time on your wall and leave them for a week, so you can get used to the colour to see if it sits well in the space. Then play the yes/no game to decide your final colour – only ever do this with two colours at a time, otherwise, you’ll end up complicating the process.

Create an exterior colour scheme

Never use more than three colours on the exterior of your house – one for walls, one for trim and one for accents. They should match tonally so that they complement each other. It always looks great if your colour scheme matches the architecture and era of your home. Do a little research online or around the neighbourhood.

The underlying message in many of our articles remains the same – if you want a moody deep blue feature wall, go for it! Trust your instincts and experiment to your heart’s desire.

Contact Constructive Homes to see our on-line project management system which ensures that your custom renovation is perfectly planned so that you will love your renovation – no matter what colour you choose!

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