The big day has arrived. You’ve spent countless hours dreaming up your new home renovation with an architect.

You’re finally satisfied that these drawings are the right design! With construction designs in hand, you start to approach builders. First mistake.

Your architect may have had their head in the clouds…!

Once the rubber hits the road, or in this case the sledgehammer hits the concrete, you soon find out that your architect had their head in the clouds. Sure, they came up with some killer upgrades for your abode.

Sure, they listened to your every whim and desire in fact drew everything you asked them to do.

Sure, you thought they would help you make choices you could actually afford. But they didn’t. That’s the reason why over 45% of designs don’t get built in Brisbane.

Your budget should be first priority

Don’t get caught with a home design nobody can actually build within your budget.

There’s a simple way to prevent this kind of disappointment and stress. Choose a design and construct specialist renovation builder that can also design your home or upgrade!

Getting the Design and Build Process Right

It’s simply a matter of process. Having a builder who can sit down with you at the outset of your planning stage is the only way to get practical, experienced building advice. The home designers at Constructive Homes will listen to your needs and find simple, actionable, functional, aesthetic solutions that a builder can actually build within your budget.

Jenny and Mick could not find a builder in Brisbane… why?

Whatever features you want in your home, whatever priorities you have, you need one team of builder-designers, not two separate companies. Let me introduce
you to the story of Jenny and Mick from Paddington, Brisbane. What happened to them is quite common and can be easily avoided. Let me explain…

“Jenny and Mick came to us with their own architectural designs. It was a typical timber and tin construction, concrete stumps, weatherboard and colorbond roof.

“We sat down around the kitchen table and they revealed the designs. The architect had designed a 70 square meter extension. Jenny asked if we could build it for their budget. I had to be honest. The answer was no – we could not build this design within their given budget.

“So I said to them – come with me and we will design and construct something that can be built for your budget. Our new design was a 60 square meter extension – only 10 square meters less than the architectural design and big enough to improve Jenny and Mick’s lifestyle. Because our new design involved lessdemolition, less reconfiguration and less structural engineering, it lost 30% less to build than the architectural design and fit Jenny and Mick’s budget perfectly.

“It really comes down to the design and sitting down with the Constructive Homes design team to come up with something that suits a client’s budget.”

Take home message: Choose a builder who can also handle design

For the best approach to designing your new home or renovation choose a builder than can handle design as well. This could be the single most important decision you make in your building project. Remember you don’t want to waste thousands of dollars on unused building designs do you?!

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