It may be a surprise to you that over 80% of designs never get built.

The reason is very simple, Architects and Building Designers get paid to meet a consumer’s brief rather than taking time to listen to their budget.

Budgets are usually discussed with Architects and Building Designers at this stage however Building Designers and Architects have little practical knowledge of building costs. Their experience and service on offer to the consumer doesn’t extend to calculating the building cost. In some cases, they can underestimate the cost of renovations by between 50% to 300%.

Today I want to talk to you about what to be aware of before designing home renovations, this is step 2 of our 7 step series on ‘What to be aware of before designing home renovations’.

The number 1 secret to making sure your renovation gets built…

Get your experienced renovation builder involved in the design process early on or otherwise it won’t get built.

By involving the builder in the early stage you can design the renovations that are practical and to your budget. Only an experienced renovations builder has the experience to foresee any potential cost implications around the design, when marrying up the new with the old or difficult site conditions.

Whilst you may be paying the Architect or Building Designer a considerable sum to design your renovations, you’ll find most professional renovation builders will consult on a project for only a small fee. Most professional renovation companies offer a design and construct service which includes the complete package and means the consultation service is included free of charge.

How to avoid throwing money away on plans and documentation…

Before you contact a Building Designer to design your next project it would be wise to contact a builder who specialises in renovation. Don’t spend thousands of dollars on plans and documentation – remember you don’t want to be one of the 80% who don’t actually build.

7 Things You Must Know Before Designing Your Extension

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