Your Brisbane renovation to achieve your custom dream home is likely to be one of the biggest financial investments you will ever make.

Knowing who to trust and what to look out for in the early stages of your renovation planning can save you thousands. For example, did you know that 80% of architectural plans never come to fruition? What a huge waste of money!

I’m about to show you how you could slash thousands on your house renovations.

Money Waster Number 1: Working with an architect BEFORE speaking to a builder

According to the Association of Professional Builders, 80% of architectural plans never actually get built. Architects and Building Designers are great at what they do: creating their vision of the ‘perfect’ house.

However, at what cost?

They may not always focus on the practicalities of building and the associated costs. On the other hand, a builder is very much focused on the practicalities of building and does it suit the clients budget. This is a very fine balancing act. The obvious answer is to have your builder and your architect work together – ensuring that you end up with a renovated house that is beautiful, functional and affordable. Most professional builders already have designers on their team. We certainly do!

Money Waster Number 2: Not choosing a PROFESSIONAL Builder

Your dream renovation should not be entrusted to just a handyman – you need a Professional Builder. But how do you know that you are dealing with a builder who is a true ‘Professional’?

The secret is to pay close attention to the way the builder treats you during the sales process because that is how you will be treated during the renovation.

Make sure you meet the builder or company owner before signing a contract. Do this and you’ll get a good idea of how your renovation will run.

Money Waster Number 3: Choosing a builder who does NOT have a communication system in place

Big mistake! Poor communication between builders and clients during a custom home renovation is not only frustrating but can result in disputes that are costly for everyone involved. The he-said she-said stand offs, and the fun getting sucked right out of the process.

One of the best ways to manage communication between you and your builder is an online project management system. A great online project management system, like the one that we use, will mean that you have access to your project and your builder 24/7. It lets you keep track of all the questions you ask – and the answers – so that there is no frantic search for that ‘lost email’.

Money Waster Number 4: Not choosing a SUSTAINABLE design

Increasing the energy efficiency and sustainability of your home is not only great for the environment but it can also be great for your wallet in the long run…

Remember: energy costs aren’t decreasing in value!

The growing demand for sustainable design, particularly environmentally sustainable homes, means that not only will your home have a greater value, it will also have a greater appeal thereby attracting a larger market.

Money Waster Number 5: Not FUTURE proofing your design

Taking the time to think long-term about what your needs may be in 5 or 10 years can return big dividends in the long run.

Strategize with your custom renovation builder and your designer so that you can meet both your current needs and your anticipated future needs. A little planning now may mean that when the time comes to renovate again, you won’t have to undo what you have already done. A clever custom renovation now can provide flexibility for the future.

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