Are you like me and you’ve noticed that there’s a lot of financial uncertainty facing Brisbane families?

People are worried they will lose their jobs. They’re not sure how they will pay for their mortgage. They’re worried that their working hours will be cut.

These are all genuine concerns in this ever-changing world of economics.

Even young adults in their 20s can’t move out of their parent’s homes. And then there’s the older generation – the grandparents – they can’t even afford to move into a comfortable retirement village.

What is wrong with our society?!

Today I’d like to share with you how your Brisbane family home could be the key to saving your family budget.

By listening to what I have to say, you may just sleep a little easier at night instead of lying awake worrying about your family not having enough savings or income.

Less Money in the Household Budget of Brisbane Families

Globalisation and technology are moving fast and not everyone has a better life because of it. In fact, compared to previous decades, most industrialized countries around the world have seen drops in income growth and take-home pay. At the end of the day, it just means less money in the household budget of Brisbane families.

Families are faced with this reality: “How do I keep paying my mortgage while maintaining my family’s living standards?” It’s becoming harder every year. Low wage growth means that Brisbane families are finding it harder to meet their mortgage repayments and the possibility of defaulting on their home loan becomes very real.

Options for Brisbane Families

Many families are either stretched financially or are looking for lifestyle changes and they are wondering: “What are my options to solve this dilemma?” Families around Brisbane are now looking at their options and reconsidering their current living arrangements: “Do we move back in with relatives? Should we have the kids and grandparents all under the one roof?”

How to Make Multigenerational Living Work

But there still remains one big question…

“If everyone is under the one roof, how do we make multigenerational living work in terms of space?”

We have a solution that is unconventional and may just surprise you…

It involves building a small pod (or pavilion) onto the back of your existing Brisbane family home. The pod is linked with a roofed passage-way and can accommodate any family member or relative wanting to move in. We call these pods ‘Linked Extensions’ and, just like the name suggests, they are literally a linked extension on the back of your family’s home.

Brisbane families who have already built one of our ‘Linked Extensions’ enjoy comfortable-living with their extended family. They are all under one roof, but everyone has their own space and privacy. Having the pod attached to the home keeps the family connected and avoids the feelings of isolation that you may get with a ‘granny flat’.

Multigenerational Living: More popular than you may realise

Did you know that 20% of Brisbane households already have their multigenerational family under one roof? It’s expected that this will increase by 40% by the time we reach 2036 and it is mainly because of increased pressure on family budgets.

Many people still believe the myth that multigenerational living is for the ethnic minority. Research shows that this is simply not true and it’s the rise in growth of adult children living with their parents who are driving this change.

Meeting the Needs of a Multigenerational Household

How can you ensure that using one of our ‘Linked Extensions’ range can meet the needs of a functioning multigenerational household?

I would now like to share with you 3 tips on how you can transform your Brisbane family home into one that supports the lifestyle of your entire multigenerational family… all by using our range of ‘Linked Extensions’. You want your family to be comfortable, not to mention the opportunity to uncover the hidden wealth in your home!

TIP 1: Future-Proof Your Home To Meet Changing Needs

It’s important to create a home that can be adapted to your family’s changing needs. You can future-proof your home by creating separate spaces that can be used for young children, adult children or elderly parents.

TIP 2: Consider Different Priorities for Growing Children

There are also different priorities for growing children. Living areas are more important for them, particularly providing room to have friends over and a place to entertain in. In these scenarios, sound insulation is a top priority.

TIP 3: Safeguard Everyone’s Privacy

When building an attached suite, like a parent’s or grandparent’s retreat, it is a good idea to build a separate entrance, just in case you choose to lease this space out in the future. After all, everyone will need their privacy.

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