Modular panel construction was once a cheap solution for properties in lower-priced areas. That has slowly changed over the last several years as some of the biggest companies in the construction technology space have focused on modular and prefabricated builds.

Interest in modular panel construction can be seen around the world and contributing to this is growing awareness of modular construction as a way to help builders and their customers save both time and money.

What is Modular Construction?

Modular panel construction is an efficient building method that uses modules, which are constructed in a factory and assembled on-site. The type of module can vary from entire houses to walls that can be used to create larger components. Modular projects can use a variety of different types of modules or just one type, depending on the project.

5 Benefits of Modular Construction

Modular panel construction has some key benefits:

  1. Faster builds

    In general, modular panel construction tends to happen far more quickly than traditional stick-built construction. The modules are built at a factory, and so delays due to weather are not a factor. A modular factory can turn out units year-round in any weather conditions and can add multiple shifts to increase production.

    A report from McKinsey & Company stated that modular panel construction can decrease construction time by as much as 50%.
    Also, once the individual pieces are brought to the building site, they can often be assembled relatively quickly. This can be very valuable in situations where slow construction could result in road closures and be impacted by weather conditions.

  2. Less construction waste

    Because modular panels are fabricated in a factory, it is easier and more cost-effective to recycle materials. As much as 40% of landfill waste currently comes from construction and modular construction can help reduce this. If a building needs to be expanded, more modular panels can be added, and if a building needs to be removed, modules can be taken apart and repurposed.

  3. Less wet days and more construction time

    Because modules are manufactured and fabricated inside a controlled factory environment, the weather does not impact the manufacture of the modules and work can begin on-site as soon as weather events have elapsed. It’s the speed of the build that equates to better financial outcomes for both the owner and the builder.

  4. Better thermal insulation outcomes

    Because modular panels are manufactured in a factory under controlled conditions, more advanced thermal resistance outcomes have been achieved compared to traditional construction methods.

    Better insulation methods and management are used in modular panels these days, with the use of solid insulation Polystyrene fitted inside the panel. This gives module panels a higher R-value (thermal resistance rating) and protection from weather elements, compared to the traditional stick frame method of using draped insulation glass-wool batts which sag inside the cavity over the life of the home, giving the inhabitants only 70% insulation.

  5. A solution for multi-generational issues

    The need for affordable housing has lead to a variety of changes to local authority town planning laws. One of them is updates in zoning to allow for more multi-generational homes and dual occupancy dwellings on properties. Modular panel builds can work for both of these situations. Because these projects go up faster and are less expensive, cost savings can be passed on to buyers or renters.

The future of modular construction

Modular panel construction is constantly evolving as new technology fuel innovation. Factories are becoming more efficient and using artificial intelligence and robotics to create modules with more speed and precision than ever before.

While the industry is still experiencing growing pains, it’s safe to stay that modular panel construction will play a major role in how homes are built going into the future.

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