Are you sweltering through another brisbane summer and the only relief you know how is to turn on the air conditioner, however if your home is built like a majority of homes in brisbane with weatherboard external cladding , timber framed and the cavity filled with or without draped insulation then there’s a strong chance your home is leaking air like a sinking ship in moreton bay. Causing mould and mildew to grow on your walls,ceilings and eaves around your home.

Welcome to Constructive Homes my name is Wayne Whyte I’m the company director and builder. For many homeowners around Brisbane they are unaware of the reasons why their home is so hot in summer and cold in winter and more important why their home is unhealthy to live in and how to find a solution.

Your currently thinking of extending your family Brisbane home and energy efficiency has been a major consideration of yours which needs to be included in the conversation when planning and designing this space as you’re fully aware how inefficient the existing home is and now you feel it is the right time to do something.

You’re unsure where or who to go to for the best solution, you decide to ask the architect or building designer or maybe your friends even. With the same old advice handed out , fill the wall and ceiling cavity with insulation . However you’re still not convinced this is the answer, have you considered talking to a builder who builds with alternative construction techniques that has proven results in this field.

There’s plenty of so called experts building energy efficient homes out there that sell their clients some of the most expensive building products on the market and with very little extra net return when it comes to energy efficiency and worse still understand how the science all works.

On the other hand we totally get it! , the science that is!, about why brisbane families are reaching for the remote control to their air conditioner everytime the relative humidity rises above the critical point and how to overcome this problem and the knock on effect that follows. We’ve not only invested our time,resources and knowledge into this problem we have the product to show you.

It’s a well known myth that airtight buildings cause condensation problems.

Your biggest problem around the home are locations where uncontrolled air leakage occurs.

As you walk around your home, the evidence is everywhere, mould growth in the bathroom, laundry or kitchen ceilings and eaves.

Your living environment inside your home is unhealthy and has an impact on the health of the inhabitants. Asthma is now known to affect over 13% of the Queensland public. Asthma is triggered by mould, mildew and dust-mites in your home.

To not only build more energy efficiently to save on energy costs, it’s also a cost on your health. What cost do you place on that?

Introducing our solution the ‘Cladular Panels‘ , these are modular wall panels manufactured in a factory with a polystyrene core bonded to a fibre cement inner and outer skin lining. Resulting in an airtight build giving you the knowledge that this results in a highly energy efficient build guaranteeing no mould and mildew growth.

So you can enjoy those brisbane summers in your home extension knowing a cool indoor temperature is assured and your home is healthy without the growth of bacteria on your walls and ceilings

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