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Are your team of trades used on all your jobs?2019-09-16T14:27:20+10:00

Yes. Over the years, it’s taken us many experiences to mold the team of trades we currently have. Some of them have been with us for over 20 years. We partner with our trades to meet our high-performance standards which include high-quality finish, meeting strict timelines and communicating with us regularly. This is the recipe for having completed so many successful projects and ensures our ability to deliver a high quality of service to our clients.

Do we have to move out of our house while work is being completed?2019-10-22T12:46:59+10:00

This is a great question and can only be answered by explaining that every project is different and has to be analysed firstly on the safety of the inhabitants of the home and the workers on site.

At Constructive Homes, we have site safety policies in place to ensure safety is maintained throughout the build process. We understand you would like to stay on site to see the progress of construction on site or maybe save paying rent whilst under construction, so we have implemented innovative software where we can upload daily construction photos so you can be kept up to date on the progress.

Don’t panic – we don’t lock clients out of their properties. We encourage clients to attend site meetings regularly either if they’re not living on the site or are living in the home. Our collaborative approach ensures our relationships with our clients stays intact, during and after the build process.

How can your process get our build started sooner?2019-10-22T12:47:53+10:00

Our process is completely different from others and begins by us sitting down with you, to find out more about your budget, your lifestyle and what you’d like to include in your renovation (or not include).

Upon mutual agreement, we then carry out Initial Costs on your proposed ideas. We calculate these based on your design and budget. This ensures that you’re on budget before we begin designs.

Our process is followed strictly all the way through to Contract stage, ensuring your ideas are going to be built within your budget. Our seamless and efficient process is also scheduled into our pre-construction timelines to ensure a quick turnaround.

So that your renovation can get started sooner than expected, call us now for a consultation.

How long can I expect renovations to take and can I be ensured that the build time is guaranteed?2019-10-22T12:49:57+10:00

Each project is different. On signing the contract, we itemise and include Actual Work Days, Inclement Wet Days, Non – Work Days & Public Holidays and Annual Leave Holidays so nothing is a surprise.

You also have access to our work schedule in our Project Management software. This outlines every trade’s tasks and timelines, ensuring you’re well informed of the progress of your build. Also, we have penalties built into our contracts if we haven’t completed the build within our allotted time frame. However, we have never had a client who has claimed this penalty, giving you peace of mind that we are committed to complete your build on time.

If we engage Constructive Homes to carry out renovation designs, who owns the copyright of the designs and can we have other builders quote on the plans?2019-10-22T12:43:52+10:00

At Constructive Homes, we work collaboratively with our select group of Architects and Designers to achieve stunning custom designs. By engaging the Architect or Designer, we void any control over the ownership of the designs and this remains with the person that carries out the designs. Of course, you can have other builders quote on our designs – we can’t force you not to – so it’s up to us to work very hard to convince you to build with us by showing you the extreme value we have to offer regarding quality finishes, outstanding service and professional processes to deliver you an exceptional product.

We don’t have drawings. However, we have ideas of what we want to achieve with our renovations. Where do we begin?2019-10-22T12:45:40+10:00

Whether you have ideas or need the inspiration to achieve these dreams, call us now and discuss your vision with us and we’ll discuss our process with you in detail to get you started right away. Our process is designed to take you from ideas stage on the journey, right through to completion with a minimum of fuss and stress. We actually prefer that you arrive without drawings and designs; our process achieves the best results by listening to your story about your family’s lifestyle and what type of things you really want to achieve in your home and what you don’t want. We’ll then set about showing you the way. Call us now on 07 3077 7294 for a consultation or request a priority call.

What if my budget doesn’t align with the actual cost to build? How do you resolve this issue?2019-10-22T12:48:41+10:00

Easy – we make improvements to the design using our 30 years of experience.

During this design process, our clients may have to compromise; not on the quality of finishes or selections, but on design changes or building techniques. We continue to work this design process until our client’s budget meets the actual cost to build. This process has the benefits of collaboratively working with the builder and the designer, giving you a more comprehensive solution and the benefit of fewer problems. You’ll be more involved in the process and have an opportunity to make many decisions with guidance from an experienced team.

Why is it so important to know what budget we are working with?2019-10-22T12:42:45+10:00

Starting the process of designing a custom home renovation without having a budget in mind will leave you devastated with the whole process.

You’ll either spend way more than you intended or your home won’t be fully completed and you’ll compromise on quality.

This is why we take time to listen to our client’s needs and wants to customise a renovation to suit their budget and align it with their renovation design. Our process is foolproof and takes them on the journey from initial consultation right through to handing back a stunning renovation.

Why Your Renovation Cost is More Than You Expected

Why Your Renovation Cost is More Than You Expected

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How Much Will My Renovation Cost?

The typical building contract budget increases by an average of over 17% after signing the contract. Watch the video below to see what Wayne has to say about how you can avoid these budget blowouts!

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