COVID-19 restrictions have forever changed the way we use the living space within our homes.

Never before have we had to juggle work, school, exercise and family commitments under the one roof. We’re homeschooling at our kitchen tables, setting up makeshift offices in our lounge rooms and re-arranging furniture to accommodate bulky gym equipment. Somewhere in there, our families are trying to enjoy their down-time too.

Our homes were not built for this kind of living and many families across Brisbane are in desperate need of more space.

New research from Westpac has revealed how COVID-19 restrictions have had a significant impact on what Australians want most in their home. Spacious living is now top of the agenda with a separate study area (20%) and a large kitchen (15%) topping the list. Outdoor features like an entertainment area (18%) are also now considered more important because of COVID-19.

But the question on the lips of many Brisbane homeowners is…

“How do you achieve all of this given that we live in a time of economic uncertainty? Brisbane families need a solution that both fits the family budget and makes their homes more livable.”

For many of us, staying home for an extended period has changed how we use our living space and many Brisbane homeowners have been reflecting on how their living space will meet their future needs, particularly within the context of economic uncertainty.

We’ve been listening to the needs of Brisbane homeowners and we have a solution that delivers more space within your family home without blowing the family budget. It involves building a small pod (or pavilion) onto the back of your existing Brisbane family home. The pod is linked with a roofed passage-way. We call these pods ‘Linked Extensions™️’ and, just like the name suggests, they are literally a linked extension on the back of your family’s home.

Let me share with you how Linked Extensions™️ accommodate these new homeowner priorities identified within the Westpac research:

Built-in entertaining areas

According to the Westpac research, demand for outdoor entertaining areas is on the rise. There are 20 designs within our range of Linked Extensions™️ and most of them include outdoor entertaining areas; from spacious decks to BBQ-ready patios.

Private home office or gym

By adding rooms to your house with our range of Linked Extensions™️, you could have your own private home office or gym. No more interruptions during those important Zoom meetings!

Reduced construction time

We recognize that Brisbane families need a solution to their lack of space right now. Our building method using the Linked Extensions™️ modular system greatly reduces construction time and avoids the possibility of unwanted delays. A typical 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom, double lock-up garage home can be built to lock-up in 21 days or earlier.

Meets HomeBuilder Grant eligibility criteria

With our range of Linked Extensions™️, we can meet the eligibility criteria for the new HomeBuilder grant (expected to be available in early August 2020). Adding a Linked Extensions™️ constitutes a substantial renovation to your home.

Designed for budget-conscious families

One of the greatest benefits of choosing from our Linked Extensions™️ range is the cost with designs starting from $100,000.

Choosing from our range of Linked Extensions™️ also saves money on accommodation costs. With conventional home renovations, the work may interfere with the every-day function of your home and your family may be out of pocket many thousands of dollars due to having to temporarily live elsewhere.

Finally, to complete the cost-saving trifecta, adding a Linked Extensions™️ to your home will reduce your household energy costs. This type of construction results in increased airtightness inside your home, offering improved thermal and acoustic properties, bringing your home’s energy rating beyond the industry requirement of 6 Stars.

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Why Your Renovation Cost is More Than You Expected

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