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Cladular Panels™ – Designed for Brisbane Homeowners

Cladular Panels™ is the name given to our very own Structural Insulated Panel (SIP) and is used in our range of Linked Extensions™. But why should you care? Because they are delivering incredible, ongoing cost savings for Brisbane homeowners and are revolutionising the South East Queensland construction industry. Download our brochure today to find out:

  •  What are Cladular Panels™
  •  How Cladular Panels™ are saving Brisbane families money both in terms of construction and in ongoing household running costs
  •  What Cladular Panels™ look like
  •  How Cladular Panels™ make for a more sustainable build compared to traditional building methods
  •  How Cladular Panels™ provide superior protection against termites and fire
Cladular Panels by Constructive Homes, Brisbane renovation builder