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We’ve listened to the needs of Brisbane homeowners…

Cladular Panels™ are used in the construction of our Linked Extensions™ range and have been designed for you, the homeowner, in response to years of neglect by building product manufactures and builder’s ignorance around trying to find new solutions that meet the needs of homeowners.

Cladular Panels™ technology is a strong, affordable and environmentally responsible alternative to traditional construction methods and delivers better outcomes for homeowners including reduced construction costs, reduced energy bills due to higher energy efficient homes and reduced carbon footprint.

What are Cladular Panels™?

Cladular Panels™ is the name given to our very own Structural Insulated Panel (SIP) which, when used in conjunction with our timber structural wall framing, forms an engineered-tested wall system.

We use Cladular Panels™ in the construction of our range of Linked Extensions™.

This complete wall system has undergone rigorous structural and engineering testing and complies fully with Australian building standards and with Building Codes of Australia.

Modular Construction in Brisbane

The Cladular Panels™️ Advantage

The strong, affordable and environmentally responsible alternative to traditional construction that we choose to use in our range of Linked Exensions™️.

Designed and Made By Locals in Brisbane, Queensland
Complies with Australian Building Standards
Passed Rigorous Structural and Engineering Testing
Quick Construction Time Compared to Traditional Methods
Low Energy Costs Due to Higher Insulation Qualities

Why Choose Cladular Panels™ for Your Brisbane Family Home?

Modular Construction using Cladular Panels in Brisbane
Cladular Panels in Brisbane
Modular Construction Panels in Brisbane

Our Cladular Panels™, pictured here, are a Structural Insulated Panel (SIP), a form of sandwich panel used in the construction industry consisting of an insulating layer of rigid core sandwiched between two layers of structural board.

Cladular Panels™ Design

Our Cladular Panels™ are constructed using a fibre cement outer skin sheeting bonded to a 90mm Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) core with a fibre cement sheet used as the inner skin.

The EPS core has many benefits which contribute to the success of this product including:

  • Impervious to water penetration and absorption. Manufacture of the panels are bonded using a 2pack polyurethane prepolymer/ elastomer. The benefits of using this sealer/adhesive include high tensile bond strength and resistance of moisture penetration through the panel.

  • Resistance to fungi and bacteria attack. EPS does not support bacterial growth.
  • Protection against termite damage. EPS treated with Disodium octaborate Tetrahyde gives it an added protection against the attack against termite damage.
  • Better fire protection. EPS manufactured to AS1366 Part3 contains a flame retardant meaning that the fi re source dissolves after the ignition point is removed.
  • Comparable toxicity with traditional building materials. A recent CSIRO report notes the toxicity of gases associated with the burning of EPS is no greater than that associated with timber.
Linked Extension displaying the cladular panel
Structural Insulated Panels Brisbane
Cladular Panels in Brisbane

Cladular Panels™ Sizes

The standard panel sizes come in 900 x 2400, 1200 x 2400, 900 x 2700, 1200 x 2700, 900 x 3000, 1200 x 3000.

Linked Extension with Brisbane family
Linked Extensions by Constructive Homes

A small pod linked to your Brisbane family home, built with our modular panels and giving superior energy performance with fast build time.

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Find out about the secret ingredient in our range of Linked Extensions™ that has Brisbane families talking…

Introducing Cladular Panels™. Designed for Brisbane Homeowners, Cladular Panels™ technology is a strong, affordable and environmentally responsible alternative to traditional construction methods and delivers better outcomes for homeowners. Find out how your family will benefit from this innovative technology by downloading our brochure.

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