Constructive Homes Brisbane Renovation

Pre Start Checklist for Consumers

Thinking of renovating your Brisbane family home but don’t know where to start? Not sure about all the necessary legal paperwork for a renovation? Wish you had a checklist to guide you?

Download our free checklist now so that you have everything you need to renovate your Brisbane home, saving you time, money and heartache during the planning of your renovation. This time-saving checklist includes:

  •  How the type of building contract you use can have far reaching effects on the final price of your home.
  •  Why it’s important to obtain a copy of the Certificate of Title before renovating.
  •  What to look out for with Construction Drawings.
  •  When you should make your selection choices and how this timing can impact your renovation.
  •  How Home Warranty Insurance protects you and your family.
Pre Start Checklist for Consumers - Everything You Need In Place To Renovate Your Brisbane Home