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When it comes to home raising, Brisbane and surrounds have come to rely on Constructive Homes. With more than 33 years of industry expertise in raising a house in Brisbane, restumping, renovating, extending you can count on Constructive Homes for superior results in house raising Brisbane.

We service areas throughout the northern suburbs of Brisbane, making it easy to find the help you need at prices you can afford. We service areas including Windsor, Paddington, Enoggera, Alderley, Newmarket, Ashgrove, Albion, Grange, Gordon Park, Wilston, Wavell Heights, and other suburbs. 

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Constructive Homes is eager to provide you with the best results in new home construction and renovation. We offer a quick, free, no obligation quote for new homes, timber decks, home renovations, extensions and other quality services. When you are ready to find a more affordable way of achieving your dream home, Constructive Homes is here to show you the way. 

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What Is a House Raising?

Raising a house can be done for one of a number of reasons. While some homeowners raise their residence to change its location on their property, other houses are raised to make room for basements. Each of the activities can raise the value of a property as basements make a property safer and moving a home’s location can assist in saving on utility usage.

Our Company

Our company, Constructive Homes, which is based in Brisbane, has enjoyed over 33 years of servicing the local community, providing homeowners in Brisbane and surrounds with home renovation services and demolitions. Include in the mix is the raising of houses. We also have showcased our construction and remodelling talents in the extension of residences as well as such as re-stumping. We are also well-known specialists in the installation of decks.

Raising a House - A Speciality

One of our specialities here at Constructive Homes is actually house raising because it is such a positive way to improve and protect a home. Needless to say, the process can be lengthy as it entails separating a house from its foundation before temporarily elevating it with hydraulic jacks. The clients who use our home raising services do so for one of the following reasons.

--Sometimes the house is raised to build a basement from the crawlspace at the base of the house. A basement can elevate a home’s value as it offers extra storage and living space for the home’s occupants. Houses are also raised in the event the foundation needs repair. Flood protection can also be included in a homeowner’s insurance cover after a home is constructed by a house raising. Raising a house can also offset any excessive settling. In some cases, the house is raised so it will receive more sun.

The reason a home raising takes a long time to perform is because we also have to disconnect the utilities. In addition, truckloads of dirt have to be excavated and walls of concrete have to be poured. Lifting of the home is accomplished with long, steel I-beams along with hydraulic jacks. Typically, to avoid any structural damage, we do not lift the home any more than about 1/8 inch each day. If the foundation is cracked on the house, you will need to make sure that the utilities are not only shut off but disconnected before any building or improvements can take place.

After the house is raised, it does not hurt to notify an inspector to make sure any degradation did not take place during the raising process. While we very rarely, if ever, run into any issues along these lines, it still does not hurt to notify an inspector for your own peace of mind.

We can assure you that our company, Constructive Homes, uses all the latest innovations in demolition and remodelling that ensure success in any of our home raising or installation projects. It is important to align yourself with the services of a contractor who is committed to meeting the industry's standards for structural designs and integrity.

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I found the experience of building with Constructive Homes very satisfying and I would recommend Wayne and his team to anyone who is looking for a high quality custom renovation...


After fourteen months of planning, sewerage relocation and construction, our home extension project is now complete.We would like to thank you for giving us a quality-built extension which will meet all our needs...

Dennis & Shirley

We can't thank Constructive Homes enough for their professionalism and experience in completing such a complex build, your co - ordination of trades was outstanding and over and above what we expected.

Russell & Katie


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