7 Critical Things You Should Know Before Selecting your Renovation Builder

How this FREE renovation builder guide will save you time, money, heartache

  •  How to know if your builder is registered (warning: if you don't check you may find you have no Building Indemnity Cover against defects).
  •  How to tell if your builder is 'up to the job'.
  •  Does your builder have any current or past disputes?
  •  A builder with years and years of experience will do a good job, right? Not necessarily.
  •  Problem: most builders hardly ever answer their phone... and never call you back. The solution to fixing this is on page 7.
  •  Be sure to keep a record of every conversation and email. Look on page 7 to find out how.
  •  How long should a contract be? Here's a rough guide (and why you should be worried if it's any shorter).

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Constructive Homes: 5 Things You Should Know Before You Start Renovating

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